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About Auto Crowd Group

Auto Crowd Group is the world’s largest collective of social networking member and enthusiasts clubs for all things transport including car, Motorcycle, yacht, aviation and truck clubs on an international basis.


Why Market your brand with Auto Crowd Group?

Because Auto Crowd Group is distinctive in that we have a cross promoting platform and network of over 200 websites which is made up of over 130 owners and enthusiasts clubs and a further 70 associated directory and affiliated company websites.

The monthly website visits across all platforms total an average of twelve million hits every month presenting a unique and highly desirable sales and marketing opportunity to your chosen target audience.


Marketing with ourselves gives you access to our cross promoting platforms providing you:


  • Unique, direct and exclusive routes to advertise your brand.
  • Cost effective method of communications.
  • Highly targeted marketing to your chosen audience selected from over 130 owner and enthusiasts club websites and 70 affiliated directories and websites.
  • * Platforms to list or sell your brand, merchandise, services and offers to the thousands of members and millions of website visitors via our platforms and websites to include, Banner advertising, Trader Crowd, Auto Crowd Select, Car Club Hotels and Club Watches
  • Your own personal dedicated business page to promote your company with content to include text, videos, images, news and features on the Auto Crowd Group website.
  • Social media networking across 75 twitter accounts whereby we can tweet your brand to a potential 35,000+ followers every week


*Please note: we currently cross promote and advertise our own trading and listings websites across a number of our 130 owner & enthusiasts club pages giving exposure to millions of website visitors every month.


Banner advertising

Banner advertising can be placed on any one of the 130 owner/enthusiasts club pages or a further 70 associated and affiliated websites.


Please follow this link for examples of rates and placements …


What are the 130 Owner/Enthusiasts clubs?

Aside from the Auto Crowd Group members and enthusiasts engaging on one collective social networking platform, each club has its own dedicated website to include news, reviews, videos, features, sponsors, dealerships and so much more.


Examples include and


All club pages present advertising and marketing opportunities for your brand, product or service.


So whether you want to advertise or market with a particular club , or engage with every club, the option is yours.



What are the 70 associated directories and affiliated company websites?

A collective of websites to include top marques clubs, car clubs of Europe, USA and further forums simply to allow members and our website visitors to engage across the world.



What is Trader Crowd? is a new classified site listing luxury cars, yachts, aircraft, motorcycles and vans for sale being cross promoted and advertised on up to 130 car, yacht, aviation and motorcycle clubs.


What is Auto Crowd Select? is a classified listings site for transport related luxury goods to include furniture, lighting, watches and more cross promoted and advertised on up to 130 clubs.


What is Car Club Hotels? is a luxury hotel listings site, which feature some of the finest hotels in the world to compliment our members interests cross promoted and advertised on up to 130 club websites.


What is Club Watches? is a listings site featuring brands synonymous in the world of supercars, yachts, aviation and motorcycling cross promoted and advertised on up to 130 club page websites.


Business Page & Directory listing

You can create your own business page on the Auto Crowd Group website whereby you can post videos, features and news to our members and website visitors.

Click this link for example


Social media Marketing

We have over recent months accumulated in excess of 35,000 followers through a number of our club twitter accounts and we tweet on a daily basis.  Every day we are re-tweeted, mentioned or tagged in photographs demonstrating how we regularly engage with our followers, members and business associates. This highlights the power of social networking and how we can quickly and effectively expose and promote your brand through weekly targeted campaigns.


What are our advertising and marketing rates?


Please see table below for standard marketing rates.



What are our bespoke package rates?

As outlined above the above marketing platforms can be purchased separately, however, If looking to advertise upon a number of our platforms we can put together a package to compliment your marketing budget. Please contact us to discuss.


Why do we charge rates?

As expressed above, we are different to other marketing platforms in that we do not sell your products or look for commission.

With our own banner advertising on up to 130 club pages we are potentially placing your company, brand, product and service in front of a specifically targeted audience.

Up to twelve million people, brands and companies view our collective websites every month.



We thank you in advance for the consideration of advertising and marketing with Auto Crowd Group and hope to build a great relationship with you over many years to come.